The Function

What is Flare with Fin technology?

Fins are an integral part of every Flare® pan, similar to those used in jet engine and rocket designs to achieve higher efficiencies. Made from cast aluminum Flare cookware is designed to cook 40% faster than typical kitchen pans on gas with Fin technology, saving time and every while producing exceptional results. 

How does Fin cook faster?

Flare's uniquely designed vertical fins capture and absorb heat energy that normally escapes up the sides of the pan.  This 'locking on' effect of the flames produces an incredibly efficient heating process with unparalleled heat distribution.


Thermographic testing in Oxford University’s laboratories proves that FIN radial fins encourage flames to 'lock-on', controlling and pushing heat evenly up the walls of the pan and increasing performance and efficiency in comparison to a standard pan.  Food cooks more evenly because it heats from the sides of the pan as well as from the bottom.  This allows for better heat conduction, which means less energy is used.  The design eliminates uneven heating of food on all cooktops.  




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